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    Our specialty is in natural cosmetics and skin care products for Middle East and Asia. Current projects:

      • ZENMED
        For almost a decade ZENMED has pioneered holistic skincare. Merging functioning naturals with proven medicinal actives are created for immediate, dramatic results.
      • Argan Oil
        Argan oil is produced from the Argan tree exclusive to Morocco. For centuries the Berber women of Morocco has been using this multi-purpose oil for cosmetics, culinary, and medical products.

    Our teams of highly trained professionals source items from well-established highly reputable producers around the globe. Close relationships built with our suppliers in the past years combined with efficient client-oriented logistics guarantee that businesses overseas receive a consistent and stable supply of quality products at competitive prices.

    We have always been proud of our flexibility to meet customers’ expectations and specific requirements. Athena & Co. ensures that items for the Middle East are prepared in accordance with the appropriate trade laws and are accompanied by the corresponding certification and labeling.

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